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Hegehog principle: Focus on core value

Hegehog principle: Focus on core value

Focus on the core value, and communicate unambiguously, did Eric Evans say in his incredibly valuable and boring-to-read book about domain-driven design.

Write only that code that makes money for the business, the one that is uniquely differentiating, is one of my takeaways from the books. I am trying to remember exactly where the story is from, but it goes as follows.

A newspaper publisher needed to resize images, and the developers wanted to write their own software for it. But someone decided against it, as a newspaper company earns money by publishing content, not resizing images.
It's a perfect example of the hedgehog principle, where one shall only focus on the core value that differentiates and makes money for the enterprise.

A cloud journey towards Serverless aids in that quest. A company is free to focus entirely on the core value and business logic that generates money and stands out.

It's pleasant to look at where we have come already and where we may be heading with the advancements in AI and ChatGPT. Let the bots do the boilerplate coding.

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