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Environment-friendly tanks

Environment-friendly tanks

When even tanks start to be environmental friendly, then companies have to be.

[…] latest generation of Main Battle Tank […] innovations will enable environmentally friendly peacetime operations […]. Source

It's superb and also quite strange to me that a tank, a thing that is known for high fuel consumption, will soon be environmental friendly. However, be that as it may. Sustainability is for everyone. The ones who care about the environment and the ones who don't. As the benefits are monetary too.

The aim is to reduce waste, and be wise about the resources selected. Efficient operations, helped build Rockefeller's empire. All other oil companies were extracting only Kerosene, and dumping the leftovers into a hole next to the factory. Rockefeller used every single drop, and operated at peak efficiency.

There are many perspectives on the matter of sustainability. The one about peak operational efficiency makes it a win-win situation for everyone, IMHO. Even the ones who aren't concerned about future generations, benefit from being more sustainable.

I am going to focus more on that subject later. Sustainability, not tanks.