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A Stoic Conversation: The Risk of Old-School Oversight

A Stoic Conversation: The Risk of Old-School Oversight

In a straightforward yet warmly lit room, Ian, who oversees Infrastructure and Operations (I&O), discusses with Eva, a clear-headed leader from the Cloud Platform Operations (CPO) team, about the forthcoming organizational structure.

šŸ”¹ Ian: "Eva, there's talk about aligning the new CPO team under an existing I&O line manager. It seems like a straightforward move."
šŸ”¹ Eva, calmly: "Ian, while the simplicity of that idea is apparent, it might not serve us best in the long run. The CPO team has distinct functions, requiring expertise and focus that differs from traditional I&O roles."
šŸ”¹ Ian: "You mean, integrating it within the old structure might not foster growth?"
šŸ”¹ Eva, nodding: "Exactly, Ian. The purpose of the CPO team is to explore and innovate, to think and act with cloud-native approaches at the forefront. Placing it under a conventional managerial structure might limit its potential."
šŸ”¹ Ian, considering: "So, a dedicated team, not confined by the existing hierarchy, would be the wiser path?"
šŸ”¹ Eva, affirming: "Precisely. The CPO function is a full-time commitment. It thrives when allowed to work in a space where cloud-centric strategies are cultivated without the influence of traditional perspectives."

Ian smiles, a newfound clarity in his eyes, "A vision unhampered by the old ways, yet grounded in expertise and forward-thinking."

Is your organization prepared to carve a new path, where the Cloud Platform Operations team operates unhindered by dated structures?