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A Stoic Conversation: Strategy vs Plan

A Stoic Conversation: Strategy vs Plan

In a sunlit corner office, Alex, the CEO of a legacy enterprise, shares coffee with Sam, a dynamic startup founder. The city skyline stretches beyond them.

šŸ”¹ Alex: "Sam, our companies might be worlds apart in age, but this cloud wave is something else. My board is urging me to go all in. They believe it's the golden ticket."
šŸ”¹ Sam, taking a sip: "It's tempting, Alex. We startups hear it all the time, too. 'Go cloud or go home,' right? But it's not about hopping on the train. It's about knowing where the train's going."
šŸ”¹ Alex, intrigued: "You sound cautious for a startup founder."
šŸ”¹ Sam: "I am. Because a tool without a purpose is just... excess baggage. We must ask: 'Why cloud?' first, then 'How cloud?'."
šŸ”¹ Alex: "So you're saying... Strategy before plan?"
šŸ”¹ Sam, nodding: "Exactly. A strategy is your 'why', your north star. The plan? That's your step-by-step journey to get there."

Alex contemplates this, "New era tech, age-old wisdom. Whether startup or established, the basics don't change. The compass before the map."

Would your company pack a compass or a map? Or both?